Determine which chapters, themes and styles you already know and what you need to study for your upcoming essay, midterm, or final exam. ICSE Solutions Selina ICSE Solutions ML Aggarwal Solutions. The trouble with this, says Lancelot, is that there are enough Christians already, and more Christians will mean more pork-eaters, which will raise the price of pork, regardless of who has come around to a different view of God. When Bassanio gets the letter from Antonio in Act 3 in Belmont, what happens to him? This quiz is incomplete! The Merchant of Venice: Act 1 - Quiz For subscribers. Please enter your Quia username and password. It can be used as an open book test or scavenger hunt, or as a summary test. They do not deny it, but instead ask Shylock if he has heard about Antonio's losses. In Act 3, does Shylock know about Antonio's ships? Shylock wants Antonio seized. "Myself, and what is mine, to you and yours/ is now converted. stream ICSE Solutions Selina ICSE Solutions ML Aggarwal Solutions. Antonio insists that all debts between himself and Bassanio are cleared. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Read our modern English translation of this scene. He finds a painting of Portia and a poem praising the wisdom of his choice. She'll work to portray a recently graduated man who's most young men tend to be. Start studying Merchant of Venice Act 3. Lorenzo complements her for bearing the absence of her new husband so graciously & nobly. What does Bassanio say about each casket? Edit. Free Literature Trivia Questions. Shylock wants justice from the Duke and the jailer. Prejudice and Intolerance . 0. English Maths Physics Chemistry Biology. This quiz requires you to log in. Portia says she'll explain everything in the coach, which is waiting for them. This quiz is timed. There's hope for her in the possibility that she's not actually her father's daughter, but Jessica points out if that's true, she'd be punished for her mother's sins instead. A) 1 month B) 2 months C) 3 months D) 6 months D) 13. 0. Before Bassanio chooses a casket, Portia instructs music to be played. Solo Practice. Shylock affirms that he wants it to "feed" his "revenge" on Antonio for mocking hi, causing him to lose money, and insulting the Jewish "nation". Read the Summary Read the Summary of Act III, scenes iii–v. (b) His mother. This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately 134 pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials. Edit. by gguajardo. A) Salerio & Solanio B) Bassanio & Antonio C) Shylock & Antonio D) Gratiano & Bassanio 2. Tubal says "is certainly undone." Antonio thinks this is the reason Shylock hates him. x��]ێ7�}�ȧE�`:���z���Y�� ��/�d1�$O�������n��/_�z|���wկ/ޜ>��ś��/~��v�=ޟ�����W���7ϟ���UL�C[�y����?�I�׃�:�ԝ���ϟ5�o��?�?�u�氯�Wb�����������+������6��?��o��h���q{5l�o��~��j�C���|����� Last Updated on October 26, 2018, by eNotes Editorial. He insists on getting the bond that was sworn for. Who does Shylock want justice from? Previous Post Shakespeare’s As You Like It Test (03/23) Next Post The Tempest Act 4 Scene 1 Quiz. Delete Quiz. Tough Philian May 02 03 2214 plays … 1. This video highlights Shylock's anger, frustration and desire for revenge against ANTONIO and the Christian Community.Watch , Subscribe and LLike this video . Finish Editing. Play. Act 1, Scene 1. About Merchant of Venice; Merchant of Venice Summary; Character List; Act 1 Summary and Analysis; About Shakespearean Theater Antonio has given up — he's been so reduced by all this grief and loss that a pound of flesh doesn't matter to him anymore. English. Live Game Live. (c) His melancholy. To round up our series of learning resources on Merchant of Venice, this quiz will test your knowledge of all the main events in the play with questions on Shylock quotes and Portia quotes . Bassanio affirms that he is. Jessica says she'll be saved by her husband, ho will make her Christian when he marries her. What does Antonio keep trying to do? In Act 3, who continues to flirt when Bassanio reads the letter from Antonio? As of Dec 14 20. When Bassanio asks Portia to marry him, what does she say? If Bassanio chooses incorrectly, he will at least make a "swan like end.". Play. (He's telling her that she'll continue to be a burden no matter what). Solanio can't believe it. The Duke can't do anything. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game. Quiz on Acts 1 and 2. - Sign up now by clicking here! What does Portia offer to do? Antonio has lost another ship in Tripolis. Why? Test your knowledge with these questions which are all about the action and the characters in "The Merchant of Venice". Portia is obedient to her father and doesn't break the terms of the game. endobj What does Shylock want? What does Shlock answer to Tubal? He has one request: to see Bassanio before he dies. A) providing Antonio a place to hideout B) trying to undo the bond C) knowing Jessica was leaving D) knowing where Jessica is hiding 3. Powered by WordPress. Merchant of Venice Workbook Answers Act 3, Scene 4 – ICSE Class 10 & 9 English. Passage – 1 (Act II Sc. Save. %PDF-1.5 All agree that unless "law, authority, and power" can find a way to deny Shylock his vengeful desire, Antonio is in BIG trouble & will be giving up a pound of flesh. In the letter Bassanio receives at Belmont from Antonio, what does Antonio say in it? Human and Animal. What does this mean? Download the PowerPoint resource (subscribers only) See other resources: The Merchant of Venice More resources by this contributor (2) Log in to love this resource. A number of activities for students to complete based on the … read more (1) KS4 | Plays. Delete Quiz. Jessica has taken a ring from Shylock and traded it for a monkey. Homework. The questions are sequential, so if you're using in open book format, students should quickly see if they have missed an answer. He says, if Portia knew what a great guy Antonio is, & how good he is to her husband, then she'd be even happier to do her wifely duty. When Nerissa asks what all the fuss is about and why her and Portia have to dress like men, what is Portia's answer? Shylock says he will take his pound of flesh from Antonio's heart if he forfeits on his loan. Yes, Shylock knows about Antonio's ships. A new Merchant of Venice quiz every hour! Portia offers to pay the three thousand ducats that he owes 20x over. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> If Antonio is such a great friend to her lord Bassanio, then Antonio might as well be her lord, too. What does Portia say about Antonio being her lord too? Click the Build Printable button to create the review quiz. She then asks to see the letter. Do You Know "The Merchant of Venice" Story? k ��D}ݱВ__6��ח�sݐM[w}$���eM���٪��՛�_7��b\�=�Ō�OO��d�,��/=�u�0����f� V���L��_�z�?��ߪ#=(z�-e�џ���D���@V�뾯c���0b��6�Z���ն�����J���Ѩ�]��ή�k9g~�����ŏ�^�U�Dx�]s��]��B�cQ{j�D�Vm��~iҕ��>~�չg{kf�]ӻ܀E���js�o�~;��v�_u��?���W��S�S����d_���Wrs�����m��mk?�g�����G�Ǿ�S����U�8!/���k��RL��]_I�����׭��M{}%��iq=��y� �O������Q�IѡߘVՂiۅ~��� u�W��q��/K"�@�D�V#�gDC$���8���i��+�g���y�ת膚�HE����}�{Y�a�;g��b���y��G�2��i}�M�0�������Ԁ�T���e��i����~w��=%#��FcڣC�������fH�� �~^r\Һ0�Cj�L�)����u�# 6lǧq��\�аv͋�!#4�f���x���j��Z*t�. Live Game Live. 1 0 obj It is rumored another one of his ships have been wrecked. 10th grade . Previous section Act 3, scenes i-ii Quick Quiz Next section Act 4, scene i, lines 1-163 Quick Quiz Popular pages: The Merchant of Venice No Fear The Merchant of Venice NO FEAR Shylock note that Antonio called him a dog before he has any reason to- but now he's determines to live up to his reputation. The Merchant of Venice Order by: ... Quiz on Act 3. Quiz on Act 3 A pub quiz style PowerPoint presentation, with 22 questions and a tiebreak. Start studying Merchant of Venice quiz Act 3-5. The total time allowed for this quiz is 36 minutes. then silver: "pale and common drudge tween man and man." Shylock promises to use the same "villainy" that the Christians "teach.". Shylock tells them that Antonio should "look to his bond" and make sure he repays the money, or else Shylock is planning on taking his pound of flesh. Spotlight on Portia. Why is it important to him? William Shakespeare. Gratiano asks Bassanio permission to marry saying that he has already fallen in love with Nerissa. Lorenzo and Jessica enter with Salerio. As Act III opens, who are discussing the fate of Antonio’s ships? 0. Take our free The Merchant of Venice quiz below, with 25 multiple choice questions that help you test your knowledge. Lancelot believes Jessica is damned to hell because she's the daughter of a Jew.

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